To sell or not to sell…

Well, I’ve been told that I would do great to start making clay items to sell, and I’m pondering weather or not it would be worth all the extra “work”. I am in a slump at the moment, we are moving and well I haven’t had time to clay at all over the last week like I would like. I’ve signed up for an ornament exchange on one of the yahoo groups I belong to, I have also been commissioned to make a set of 12 christmas pins for the wife of a co-worker here at the office. And I’ve not even started either of those. I definately DO need the extra money, so selling things would definately be a great help, but I am so down in the dumps that I’m afraid it would just bomb and nothing would sell. *Sigh* I suppose I need to focus on the small commitments that I have already, and maybe try to work on setting up to sell next month once those are taken care of. I really wish I had more control over my brain and emotions, this up and down crap really just adds to the “down” and its all just a stupid never-ending circle. I’m tired, circles just make it more so.

So anyhoo… I have been toying with names for this future of selling my clay items. I don’t have the “feel” that any of them are right just yet. Ideas would be super wonderful!

  • Jaymie’s Whimsies
  • JL Whimsies
  • Whimsical Delights
  • Dragonfly Dreams
  • Dragonfly Designs
  • A few of those already have domains that are taken, so I couldn’t do a straight website. And etsy looks like a good option, but I’m afraid someone already has the names there as well and I just don’t know it. See all my self doubt here? I want a name that reflects my love of the countryish/primitive type of design as well as my fantasy tendancies. And one that people will easily remember. *sigh* again, guess I just need to keep thinking!



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    1. lgdesigns said,

      November 26, 2008 at 12:44 pm

      You can always do a search on Etsy to see if the name you want is being used. I have a store and Etsy and is it slow going but I have sold a few things. I really have better luck selling to friends locally and I have some of my things in local stores.
      Good luck with what ever you decide to do. I sure hope you can get out of your depression. Maybe if you just get right into your clay and let it “talk” to you it will help.

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