Missing in Action…

So sorry to have not been around for a while. I’m not sure I even have readers to apologize to. *SIGH* Oh well. I’ve been busy being depressed, being up and being down, trying to get my diabetes back under control. Lemme tell you all, I absolutely HATE with the UTTMOST passion HATE having to evaluate and analyze every dang thing that I put into my mouth to eat. I feel like food is controling my enitre day, my entire life and that I cannot live because of it, yet this is what I must do to be able to live. Its a bit ironic and so very depressing.

My clay time has been nearly non-existant, sadly. I have quietly slid away from all my email groups and not been participating like I would like. Partly due to not having any time what-so-ever, and partly due to lack of skill. I see everyone elses lovely creations and omg I am just fooling myself to think I could ever create like they do. I’ve posted a new link to a lady I so admire: Annabel Arico. She has the most stunning and free creations. *BRAVO* Pop on over there and get an eye-full. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Anyway, back to work for me. I’d much rather be home trying to create, or hell even just home sleeping. I honestly don’t feel I’m at the right place at any time of day anymore. Here’s hoping to things going back up, it certainly can’t go down any further. *sigh*


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