New things!!!

Well, its been quite busy around my place lately. I have been working hard trying to do an online class taught by Christi Friesen through Doll Street Dreamers So far all I have done is my wings and my head/face is only 1/2 way done. Here are the wings:

Work in Progress - Green Goddess Wings

Work in Progress - Green Goddess Wings

Hopefully I can motivate myself to finish up her head real soon. Her body & clothing should be pretty simple after that.

I’ve also re-discovered another craft that I used to do when I was my daughter’s age. Crocheting. The thing is now, I’m not just doing the simple pot-holder square, or scarf, I’m actually trying the stuff I never imagined I could do. Hats, doilies, amigurumi, and I’m even going to try my hand at filet crochet. I’m really enjoying myself, and my daughter is even joining in and trying her hand at the hats & amigurumi. I’m about 98% completed on my very first doily, and I’ll post a photo of that once I get it blocked out and pretty. Here are the first hats I’ve ever done in the meantime:

Cloche Hat

Cloche Hat

My Daughter Wearing the Cloche hat.

My Daughter Wearing the Cloche hat.

Child's Light Cap

Light Cap.

I made the cloche hat, as well as the white hat following the instructions here: The Art of Crochet At this site she has TONS and TONS of helpful videos and projects. She’s really helped me get started, and get interested to keep going.

Other than that life is still rolling on. The kids start school next Monday. Even though they won’t admit it, I know they are happy for the shorter summer. They just get to bored sitting at home playing video games all day. 😉

Anyway, that’s all I have time for today, hopefully I’ll have somemore to share very soon!



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