Still hooking… (excuse the pun!!)

Lil Turtle Friend

Lil Turtle Friend

Made a couple more things with crochet this past weekend/week. First off was a lil bitty turtle for my boyfriend’s son. He loves turtles, and well I’m really trying to ease his transition to living with us and I thought this might help as a welcoming gesture.

I also threw together somthing for my DD. She went to a Girl Scout camp for the weekend and on friday before she left I realized I hadn’t made her that water-bottle holder that I’d so wanted to do. So, needless to say, I found a really quick pattern here: Ravelry done by JoAnne Leonard aka: HappyHooking I really love the way mine turned out. I did have to alter it a bit from her pattern, but that was because I had to use what I had on hand here at the office, which was a smaller hook, but it turned out lovely I think, and my DD just loved it!

Quick & Easy Water Bottle Sling

Quick & Easy Water Bottle Sling

Anyway, I’ve really been frustrated with the gifts I’ve been working on for my neice’s birthday this comming weekend. I’ve gotten a really sweet poncho finished up for her as well as a cute hat, and a sweet lil amigurumi bunny, but I’ve been hitting a wall when it comes to a purse/tote/bag to make for her. I think I’ve frogged 4 projects already. They just don’t seem to want to come together, or to look as cute as the pattern originals. *sigh* Hopefully the one I started last night will come through and turn out. I’ll post some photos after she’s received them. Don’t want to spoil the surprise. 🙂

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