Well I’m happy to say that my neice had her birthday party on Saturday and she LOVED the gifts I’d made for her. I had been soooooo over worried that she wouldn’t like them as much as the other things I knew other people would be “buying” her. But her face lit up when she pulled her little bunny

Little Bunny Friend

Little Bunny Friend

out of the little tote bag
Little Girl Tote Bag

Little Girl Tote Bag

. It was really sweet. She also loved her poncho that I made for her, she put it on over her Belle dress she was wearing.
Little Girl's Poncho

Little Girl's Poncho

It definately made all the work on them worth while.

So now I’m on to other projects. Its my own daughter’s birthday coming up in October. So I’ve got a few ideas in the works for her. My only issue there is finding the time to make them when she isn’t looking. 😉 I’ve also have the desire to really work on some doilies, even though I know they are a bit outdated they are so beautiful. I am also trying out what’s called Filet Crochet. Basically its like graph paper with squares filled in to make the picture, but with the crochet your filling in the squares with the crochet stitches AND making the grid squares with the stitches. It really sounds harder than it is. I’ve already done 12 rows on a beginning project and I’ve impressed myself that it is actually working and so easy.

So that’s what’s up in my little world. Really only a portion of it even. With the kids back in school and activities starting up, I hope that my new found up swing, strength, and hope, will keep up and keep forward.

so for now,


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