Wanting the fairytale….

For as long as I can remember, as a little girl dreaming about who would love me and be my partner for my life’s journey and my heart and souls companion. I’d read books, and watch movies of all kinds with those perfect happy endings, hoping, wishing and knowing that I would have that kind of a love of my very own someday.

And then one day I was told I would have to grow up.

Why is that so?

I used to think that life and adults were very evil and cruel to little girls by treating them so. For filling their sails with such false hopes.

Now I am not so sure….

I only know, that, I want that fairytale, and YOU my dearest love are my heart and souls companion. This short poem isn’t that wonderful, but it’s mine and yours….

My Fairytale

I want the fairytale.
My handsome prince…
The smile on his lips
and sparkle in his eyes.
His strength and confidence
to always surround me.
The honesty and love,
unconditional in his kiss.
Everlasting promise
to always rescue me.

I want the fairytale.
My fairytale is you.

April 7, 2011

Please accept it for all that it means. I believe that it is a very rare chance for anyone to find their fairytale. I know I have had a very difficult journey to get here and so has my love. I also know that there is no such thing as “happily ever after”.

We all have difficult steps to take, hurdles to jump, mountains to conquer, even leaps of faith…. but I know that together, we can do anything we need to. As one on my favorite songs says “all we need is love!”

Take my hand….