I said no!

I am in awe of myself, I just said “no” when a co-worker (whom always pushes his work off on me,) asked me “Do you have time for blah, blah, blah?” *Pats herself on the back* I’m always afraid of hurting people, or stepping on toes so I always say yes, no matter how busy or overwhelmed I am. This felt so hard to say, but omg is is so great! He said “ok, then I will.” ….. just like that!! No muss, no fuss!! I need to try this more often.



To sell or not to sell…

Well, I’ve been told that I would do great to start making clay items to sell, and I’m pondering weather or not it would be worth all the extra “work”. I am in a slump at the moment, we are moving and well I haven’t had time to clay at all over the last week like I would like. I’ve signed up for an ornament exchange on one of the yahoo groups I belong to, I have also been commissioned to make a set of 12 christmas pins for the wife of a co-worker here at the office. And I’ve not even started either of those. I definately DO need the extra money, so selling things would definately be a great help, but I am so down in the dumps that I’m afraid it would just bomb and nothing would sell. *Sigh* I suppose I need to focus on the small commitments that I have already, and maybe try to work on setting up to sell next month once those are taken care of. I really wish I had more control over my brain and emotions, this up and down crap really just adds to the “down” and its all just a stupid never-ending circle. I’m tired, circles just make it more so.

So anyhoo… I have been toying with names for this future of selling my clay items. I don’t have the “feel” that any of them are right just yet. Ideas would be super wonderful!

  • Jaymie’s Whimsies
  • JL Whimsies
  • Whimsical Delights
  • Dragonfly Dreams
  • Dragonfly Designs
  • A few of those already have domains that are taken, so I couldn’t do a straight website. And etsy looks like a good option, but I’m afraid someone already has the names there as well and I just don’t know it. See all my self doubt here? I want a name that reflects my love of the countryish/primitive type of design as well as my fantasy tendancies. And one that people will easily remember. *sigh* again, guess I just need to keep thinking!


    A new beginning…


    This is by no means ready to get off the ground. But it is a new start, and I’m trying my best to actually stick with it. I’m hoping to post here about my life journies as well as my creative ones. I’ve recently discovered the wonderful crafting world of Polymer Clay and I’m so happy about it. My only problem now is actually finding the time to “clay” in between all my other life issues of work, kids activities, and well just living. So please stay tuned if your so inclined.