Been a while…

Well it seems I let time slip by once again. Things have been rather hectic and I’ve just not had the desire to write anything recently. School is going well. I have passed all the mod’s so far with high A’s. I’m still afraid over every quiz and every test… hell even every practice assignment. But I suppose its a good thing that I prove myself wrong every time.

Christmas and New Year’s went by way to fast, but did go very well. The kids were happy & had a great time, and that’s what really matters. We went to a Laff’s Comedy Cafe for New Year’s without the kids. I had a blast. Which is a new one for me. If you live in the Tucson area, its most definately a known place and a well reccomended visit for those who like to laugh.

The other thing keeping me down is the migraines are back. They’ve been daily for over 2 months now and have no sign of going away. The DR had me try vicodin for the pain… didn’t help. We’re now trying fioricets for the pain, they help a bit, and then a beta blocker as a preventitive. She said it’d take 3 weeks before I’d notice if the beta blocker is “blocking” but, I don’t see it helping yet. Did an MRI 2 weeks ago, and haven’t heard back from her as to the results, good or bad. Military doctors, really they frustrate me to no end. So I just try to go through my work day into the school night and just live with the pain.

Gotta jump back into work and finish up for the day.


Happy end of the holidays!!!

Just wanted to say happy end of the holidays and the sleepy resting time. *sigh* Back to life as usual. The kids are back home, they got back on saturday. It was hard having them gone for the entire 2 weeks. My daughter has announced that she is ready to spend this comming summer at her grandma’s house in South Carolina. *screams* Jake barely lasted this 2 weeks WITH his dad, he wouldn’t survive that out there. We’ll have to see how things go.

I’m happy to finally be able to share my lil christmas tree with you all. I had to keep it offline till the challenge through the email group was over. But here it is.

My entry for the BPCAG Christmas Tree Challenge

My entry for the BPCAG Christmas Tree Challenge

Its made of an aluminum foil armature covered in polymer clay. I’m quite proud of it. It tied for 2nd place out of 4 entries. I actually made each leaf on this tree, and put them on individually. *VBG*

That’s all for now unfortunately I need to get back to work.

Moving along…

Christmas Pins

Christmas Pins

Okay, so after a week of a few doctor visits, and my actually getting back on my meds. I really feel so much better. I’m not feeling like life is stomping all over me. So much so that I actaully got to play with clay this weekend, and the good thing is it was all for an ORDER, yes an actual order for christmas pins. Here are the 3 versions I came up with these to the right. They are each about 2 inches high. The buyer loved them, I’m proud to say. And I’m quite happy with how they turned out as well. I am going to sit down tonight and make up another batch for my family members as well.

Back to work I go!! TTFN!

Happy Monday!!!

Just realized I hadn’t posted in a bit, so here I am. I was able to do a bit of clay play the past two weekends. It really was great. I have this terrible habit of “thinking” to hard when I actually get to sit down and clay. Then I get so overwhelmed and depressed that I cannot even make anything because I’m to busy fussing over what to make and that I’m missing this or haven’t got that to make that or this… *sigh*

Good news is that last weekend, just after turkey day, I did get over it enough to pop out an ornament for my swap partner in the BPCAG Holiday Ornament Swap. And since my swap partner has already received her ornament from me, I can now post a photo to show you all!

My jolly whimsical snowman.

My jolly whimsical snowman.

I had to change his hat three different times. It just didn’t want to turn out the way I had it pictured in my brain.

Now this past weekend, I was able to work on my christmas tree for the BPCAG Christmas Tree/Holiday Challenge. Now that photo I can’t post till the challenge and voting are over, so check back soon! I am really happy with how mine turned out, even if its pretty basic. Can’t wait to show it off. 🙂