Missing in Action…

So sorry to have not been around for a while. I’m not sure I even have readers to apologize to. *SIGH* Oh well. I’ve been busy being depressed, being up and being down, trying to get my diabetes back under control. Lemme tell you all, I absolutely HATE with the UTTMOST passion HATE having to evaluate and analyze every dang thing that I put into my mouth to eat. I feel like food is controling my enitre day, my entire life and that I cannot live because of it, yet this is what I must do to be able to live. Its a bit ironic and so very depressing.

My clay time has been nearly non-existant, sadly. I have quietly slid away from all my email groups and not been participating like I would like. Partly due to not having any time what-so-ever, and partly due to lack of skill. I see everyone elses lovely creations and omg I am just fooling myself to think I could ever create like they do. I’ve posted a new link to a lady I so admire: Annabel Arico. She has the most stunning and free creations. *BRAVO* Pop on over there and get an eye-full. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Anyway, back to work for me. I’d much rather be home trying to create, or hell even just home sleeping. I honestly don’t feel I’m at the right place at any time of day anymore. Here’s hoping to things going back up, it certainly can’t go down any further. *sigh*


Trying new things…

Hello all. In BPCAG we are doing what is called “Sculpting Practice Rounds”, and this week practice round is the female head. Seeing as I’ve NEVER EVER sculpted anything, this was a little daunting for me. But, I want to do this sooooo bad. So I’m jumping in. With great support from these wonderful ladies of the group, and armed with quite a few different tutorials. Here is a sample of the head I am working on now:

Head/Face Sculpting Practice

Head/Face Sculpting Practice

So far this attempt is going okay. I’m trying to be optimistic about it. Even though being optimistic is quite alien to me. 😉 Here is a side shot:
Head/Face Sculpting Practice

Head/Face Sculpting Practice

She is entirely polymer clay right now. I tried doing it with a foil ball armature underneath the clay, but I couldn’t get her smooth at all. This seems to be better. I will try to post more as I progress with her. Thanks!