Happy Monday!!!

Just realized I hadn’t posted in a bit, so here I am. I was able to do a bit of clay play the past two weekends. It really was great. I have this terrible habit of “thinking” to hard when I actually get to sit down and clay. Then I get so overwhelmed and depressed that I cannot even make anything because I’m to busy fussing over what to make and that I’m missing this or haven’t got that to make that or this… *sigh*

Good news is that last weekend, just after turkey day, I did get over it enough to pop out an ornament for my swap partner in the BPCAG Holiday Ornament Swap. And since my swap partner has already received her ornament from me, I can now post a photo to show you all!

My jolly whimsical snowman.

My jolly whimsical snowman.

I had to change his hat three different times. It just didn’t want to turn out the way I had it pictured in my brain.

Now this past weekend, I was able to work on my christmas tree for the BPCAG Christmas Tree/Holiday Challenge. Now that photo I can’t post till the challenge and voting are over, so check back soon! I am really happy with how mine turned out, even if its pretty basic. Can’t wait to show it off. 🙂